Using less Energy this winter won’t leave you cold

This winter, you can save money by using less energy— without sacrificing that nice warm feeling generated by your home’s heating system. You can do it yourself with a three-step plan. Or you can ask your HVAC  contractor to handle the technical work for you.

  1. Manage the Thermostat
  2. Yeah, Yeah, Change the Filter
  3. Rate Your System
  4. The One-Step Method: Professional Preventive Maintenance

You can ask your HVAC contractor to handle these chores under a preventive maintenance agreement or PMA. PMAs typically cover one or two full-service maintenance visits per year, provide discounts for parts and service work, and ensure that you receive priority service should a system failure occur during the cold of the winter or the heat of the summer. Whether you look after your system yourself or with a PMA, a well maintained heating system will use less energy to heat your home this winter.

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